About Me

Welcome to Babbling Brooke!

Here I blog about nail polish, beauty products, vegetarian/vegan/organic living, food, my cats and dogs, my favorite things, green living, and what's happening in the life of Brooke.  Lets just say I blog about tons of great things :)  It's a lot of fun here!

Who is Brooke?
Hint: she babbles!
I adore all things pink and I think any piece of furniture looks better painted white and light distressed.  I love polishing my nails and coming up with new nail art.  I've been a vegetarian for nearly 10 years and I'm a nut about recycling.  I have a Master's degree in English Language and Literature and I'm a full-time professor of English.  I'm oftentimes sarcastic and I'm ridiculously sentimental.  I collect nail polish, Fiestaware, and potted plants (particularly vintage pots with hardy plants).  I think kindness goes a very long way and I live by the motto, "treat others the way you wish to be treated."  I love blogging and really appreciate having so many incredible followers!

I'm very follower friendly!
Do you have a question about my blog?  Is there a polish or design you would love to see?  Are you interested in guest blogging?  Want to share a cool polish you recently discovered with me or my readers?  Or do you just want to chat?  Please send me a message at BlogBabblingBrooke@gmail.com.  I love hearing from you!

I am so proud to be named one of Seventeen Magazines favorite nail polish blogs and one Betty Confidential's top five favorite polish blogs!


Who is Caracita?
Cara is my incredible rescue dog and awesome blog mascot (that's her in the header and the sidebar!).  Cara was adopted through Friends of Rocky Mount Animal Rescue in early 2004; she was supposed to be put to sleep at the shelter the very day she was rescued by FOR Aniamls, and I met her the next day when my mother and I helped out with a rescued dog transport.  I believe we all have at least one great pet in our lives that truly changes us.  For me, that pet is Cara.  She is an absolutely amazing dog (with a fabulously fun nickname!).  She makes me laugh daily, she comforts and protects me, and she's my pal.  Plus, she's Babbling Brooke's #1 fan!
To rescue a dog from Friends of Rocky Mount Animal Rescue, visit:
HERE or HERE, or check out www.PetFinder.com to find a pet at a shelter or rescue near you!  Opening your heart to a rescue pet is a great idea.
Please remember to spay or neuter your pets!

How much money do you make?
I make a small amount through advertising (my true salary comes from teaching - I am an English professor!).  I do receive awesome free products to review from companies that I believe in and love.  I am never paid in any way for a review, and all opinions are my own.  I blog because it is a fun hobby!

Do you wear fake nails?
I used to wear fake nails on my index and middle fingers because I have struggled my entire life to keep my nails from breaking.  In posts from January 2010 through July 2010, I wear fake nails pretty regularly.  Since then, I have been able to keep my real nails healthy and strong with Seche Restore.

What kind of camera do you have?
I am a professional photographer and I shoot with a Sony a99 and a variety of lenses, and then edit with Photoshop.  I typically use my 50 or 85 mm lenses for nail shots.  If shooting at night, I use a bounced flash (Sony HVL43), but if the sunlight it great, I take my pictures outdoors.  In older posts (and occasionally in current posts), I used a Sony a300.
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